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Paddington's Pizza
5255 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR

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Monthly Club Meeting

Join us at our Monthly Club Meeting, TBA at 7:00PM at the Paddington's Pizza, 5255 Commercial St SE, Salem, OR. This meeting will be to discuss Explore Oregon 2020 and plan some future events for the remainder of this year. Please RSVP for this meeting so we can make the appropriate reservation.

Saturday Morning Coffee

Join us for coffee every Saturday morning at 9:00 for coffee and camaraderie at the Subway at 5765 Commercial St SE. We are trying to be more organized about taking a drive after coffee, so watch for details about planned Saturday morning drives here!

Explore Oregon 2022
"The Premier Summer Miata Tour Event"

July 7-10, 2022

With Special Guest Miata Designer Tom Matano!


"EXPLORE OREGON” is an annual premier multi-day event, organized by the Willamette Valley Miata club. Be prepared to enjoy some of Oregon’s most beautiful and historic scenery and explore the awesome back roads of the Southern Oregon Valley as we spend an incredible weekend in Grants Pass, OR.

Grants Pass -- Our destination

Grants Pass is where Pacific Northwest adventures begin! On the banks of Oregon’s legendary Rogue River, Grants Pass is among the greatest places in the American West for whitewater thrills, forest trails, fly fishing, friendly faces, and a dynamic local arts and entertainment scene. Come visit!

Grants Pass served as a stagecoach stop in the 1860's and became a rail head with the completion of the Oregon-California Railroad (now Southern Pacific) in 1884. The name was selected to honor General U.S. Grant's success at Vicksburg and the post office was established in 1865. Until after the turn of the century our name still retained the original spelling of Grant's Pass, using an apostrophe.

First hung on July 20th, 1920, the "It's The Climate" sign is a tribute to a great place to live, work, play and that we have great weather! The sign was an idea of local resident Mr. John Hampshire an engineer and road contractor. Arriving in Grants Pass in 1917, Mr. Hampshire started promoting the slogan he created, "It's The Climate", to all the local businesses. Mr. Hampshire received permission from the railroad (railroads owned most of the right of way in those early times), and he paid a sign company to create an "It's the Climate" sign. John Hampshire paid the entire cost of the sign, plus shipping, and donated it to Josephine County.

A city's heart and soul is its downtown and Grants Pass is no exception. In fact, with its National Historic District, outdoor Southern Oregon Growers Market, plenty of free off-street parking, and a new public restroom and visitor information office, downtown Grants Pass is very special. Long accustomed to low vacancy rates, the core business district of Grants Pass is alive with activity and opportunities for small businesses.

Grants Pass' Downtown is alive and thriving. Look around — from Antique Shops to Galleries to Restaurants, and Entertainment Venues, there’s always something to do and see in downtown Grants Pass.

Event Schedule
To Be Announced More information will be posted on our website and emailed to all those registered.

* Chris and Karen McCarty - WVMC
* Tom Matano
* Susan Graham and Guest - WVMC
* Mike and Joanne Markowitz - SOCALM
* Geniece Gregory and Bruce Eder - Club Miata Northwest
* Bert and Rhonda Paul - Mt Hood Miata and Club Miata Northwest
* Lew Potts and Nancy Chouinard - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Chris and Rena Sandstrom - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Pete and Jeanette Nunnenkamp - WVMC
* Al Abramson
* Mark and Jamie Kozlevcar - SOCALM
* AJ and Vickie McGranaghan - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Steve and Christy Fancher
* Don and Lisa Asperger - SOCALM
* Dee Dahlke and Duncan Johnson - Puget Sound and Club Miata Northwest
* Mark and Debby Hamlin - WVMC
* Zeke Taney - Club Miata Northwest and Puget Sound Miata Club
* Matt and Sandra Horton - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Karen Burkhart - Club Miata Northwest
* George and Pam Dowler - Vancouver Island Miata Club
* Kent and Susan Hocevar - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Carla Boyde - Club Miata Nortwest
* Scott McDonald - Club Miata NW and Puget Sound Miata
* Gordon Sivley - Club Miata Northwest
* Maury Fugitt and Sandy McKnight - Club Miata NW and Puget Sound Miata
* Sheila and Mark Angell - Club Miata Northwest
* Michael and Mary Chiang - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Jim and Margie Newson - Utah Miata Club
* John and Marji Conn - SOCALM
* Bob and Juli Davis - SOCALM
* Steve and Rhonda Beckstead - Utah Miata Club
* Roger and Perly Heath - Utah Miata Club
* Hank and Rexanne Pond - Utah Miata Club
* Martin and Nancy Boersma - SAMOA
* Maurice and Erin Tiano - WVMC
* Adam and Ila Kane - Club Miat NW and Puget Sound Miata
* Michele Autore - Club Miata Notrhwest
* Darlene Emerson and Lisa Marie Jordan - WVMC
* Allen and JoAnn Hare - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Gary and Carol Holm - WVMC
* DT and Queendy Nguyen - SAMOA
* ThienThy Nguyen - SAMOA
* Bruce and Pam Hamer - SOCALM
* Tami and Eric Arnsbarger - Club Miata Northwest
* Doyle Sturm and Valerie Francis - Utah Miata Club
* Patrick McNulty - Puget Sound
* Tye and Kelli Fountain - WVMC
* Elicia Tamburine - Club Miata Northwest
* Jim and Deb Perdue
* Jeff and Karen Dunning _ Club Miata Northwest
* Tom and Cindy Millar - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Amy Hisaoka - WVMC
* Al and Claire Harkins - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Bill Cooper - Puget Sound
* John Alger - Club Miata Northwest
* George and Anne Brown - Le Bois Miata Club
* Katrina Reed - SAMOA and BAMA
* Larry and Laura Cogdell
* Lynn McKenna and Linda Beatty - Redwood Coast Miata Club
* Mario and Sarah Viloria - Club Miata NW
* Eric and Amie Siedlecki
* Sean Manley
* Vinh Bui and Thanh Au - Club Miata NW
* Pauley Davis
* Yvonne Shimek - Club Miata NW
* Mike and Lynn Bailey - Utah Miata Club
* Jack Pendleton - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Sergey Shinkevich and Kathleen Gerlach
* Tiersa and Keith Jergesen - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Carol Lynn Vredeveld - Utah Miata Club
* Robert Castelli and Guest
* Diana Loo and Chris Christanson - SAMOA
* Gene Austin and Guest - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Ed Delach and Patty O'hearn - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Jennie Digilio and Jay Greening
* Frank Gontarski and Melinda Johnson - SAMOA
* Steve and Gale Hughart - SAMOA
* Robert and Jerilyn Negru - SOCALM
* Karen Payne - WVMC
* Jeff and Karen Ridenour - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Richard Taylor - Club Miata Northwest
* Richard and Peggy Yazloff - SOCALM

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