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August Meeting:

August 5th

Meeting at 7:00PM

Marco Polo Restaurant
300 Liberty St SE
Salem, OR 97301

Board Meeting:

Date: TBA

September Meeting:


Marco Polo Restaurant
300 Liberty St SE
Salem, OR 97301

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Monthly Club Meeting

Join us at our Monthly Club Meeting, Tuesday, August 5th at our new location, Marco Polo Global Restaurant,300 Liberty Street SE, Salem. This month's meeting will ba a wrap up of Explore Oregon 2014 and to make plans for our trip to the Miata 25th Anniversary Celebration at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey, CA, September 5-7, 2014. This event will also be an attempt at the Guiness Book of World Records for the most Miata's at a single event. The current record is 683 cars at an event in the Netherlands in 2013, if you are interested in being part of this historic event sign_up here Miatas at Mazda Raceway and then join us at this meeting to make plans for our journey down and back. Please RSVP for this meeting so we can make the approiate reservation, many of us eat dinner during the meeting!

Saturday Morning Coffee

Join us for coffee every Saturday morning at 9:00 for coffee and comrawderie at the Subway at 5765 Commercial St SE. We are trying to be more organized about taking a drive after coffee, so watch for details about planned Saturday morning drives here!

Join us and other car entusiaists on the LAST SATURDAY OF THE MONTH for Keizer Cars and Coffee, A community of car enthusiasts that gather the last Saturday of every month from May through September to comingle, drink coffee and check out the many beautiful rides within our area. We meet at the Keizer Station Starbucks 7:30-9:30am

25 Years of Miata: Miatas at Mazda Raceway

Don't miss the chance to be part of this historic event
Save the Date: September 6-7, 2014

Miata owners from all over North America and the rest of the world will descend on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca and the Monterey area in early September to celebrate a quarter century of their favorite sports car - already in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s favorite production sports car. Mazda is going all out for the event, and best of all, everything will be free of charge except for the hot laps! The current record is 683 cars at an event in the Netherlands in 2013, if you are interested in being part of this historic event sign_up here Miatas at Mazda Raceway


Explore Oregon 2014
"The Premier Summer Miata Tour Event"

July 17-20, 2014

"EXPLORE OREGON” is an annual premier multi-day event, organized by the Willamette Valley Miata club. Be prepared to enjoy some of Oregon’s most beautiful and historic scenery and explore the awesome back roads of the Willamette Valley as we spend an incredible weekend in Cottage Grove, OR.

Cottage Grove-Our Destination

Discover the All-America City (1968, 2004) of Cottage Grove. Known as the "Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon," Cottage Grove boasts seven covered bridges in and around town.

Built in the early twentieth century, its 100-year-old architecture reflects Cottage Grove's rich gold mining history and success as an early center of commerce.

A film industry favorite, Cottage Grove has also been a backdrop in scenes from The General, Emperor of the North, Animal House and Stand By Me.

For a small town, there is a lot to do in Cottage Grove.

A walkable downtown is dense with art galleries, museums, bookstores, boutiques and cafes. Many artistic murals grace the sides of buildings, documenting Cottage Grove's small town spirit and community pride. Of particular note, historic resident Opal Whiteley and her tragic life odyssey is immortalized in an iconic mural downtown.
Located along the I-5 corridor, Cottage Grove provides easy access to the Cascade Mountains, the Oregon Coast, and is a convenient gateway to Oregon Wine Country. Drive north along the agriculturally picturesque Highway 99 to explore the neighboring town of Creswell for an afternoon of wine tasting and golf.

Picturesque drives like the Aufderheide National Scenic Highway, McKenzie Pass Highway, Dee Wright Volcanic Observatory will be just a few of the highlights for the weekend.

If you fancy a more leisurely drive with historic appeal, take a tour of the many covered bridges in the area. With more remaining covered bridges than any other place on the West Coast, Oregon's bridges offer history buffs, photographers and sightseers a look at a well-preserved past in the beautiful setting of the Pacific Northwest. Eugene, Cascades & Coast is home to 20 covered bridges dating back as early as 1920; many are listed on the National Register of Historical Places. Fourteen are still open to traffic.

The towns of Cottage Grove ("Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon") and Lowell are natural starting places to begin a covered bridge tour.


Village Green Resort and Gardens Village Green Resort is located off Interstate 5, just 25 miles south of Eugene in the heritage town of Cottage Grove - "Covered Bridge Capital of Oregon". For those of you that attended Explore Oregon at the Oregon Garden Resort, this is the sister resort to it.

Village Green Resort Gardens

In older times, a Village Green was a gathering place where friends and family and members of the community could come together and collect the news, visit with one another, and enjoy each other's company. Today, our Village Green serves the same purpose. We aim to become a gathering place where friends, family and community can congregate in a setting of world-class gardens.

The Bird Habitat – Get up close and personal with the local bird population. Their favorite shrubs, flowers and trees for food and shelter grow in this garden.

The Woodland – A small sampling of what you might find in the mountains, yet it’s right here in the valley! Shady and peaceful, this garden is home to trilliums, soloman’s seal, ferns, jack-in-the-pulpits, and more.

The Golden Garden –This garden accentuates golden and chartreuse foliage with blue flowers scattered here and there. A bower cut into the laurel thicket offers a shady respite during hot days. The Bell Tree, standing sentinel in the garden is hung with wind chimes, and bells to provide music.

The Widow's Walk –Strange and whimsical, this short walk is made up primarily of plants with black foliage, flowers or stems and underplanted with acid green and chartreuse.

The Twilight Garden – This garden was created for the magical moment at dusk when the colors are brilliant and the fragrance is intoxicating.

The Petite Tropicana –This garden has a lush, tropical feel, yet the majority of the plants are hardy and can survive our Oregon winters just fine. Bring your notebook and take a few ideas home with you.

The Courtyard / Wedding Garden – The perfect setting for a romantic wedding or reception, featuring a gazebo, rose tunnel and fountain amid fragrant gardens.

The Gathering Grounds – A favorite gathering spot for family reunions, company picnics, and special events. Home to the annual Gathering of Gardeners during the 3rd week-end in September.


The event costs - include the Welcome reception; the Saturday evening dinner banquet; Explore Oregon T-Shirt, attendee pack with event stickers, maps, schedules and more!

* Chris and Karen McCarty - WVMC
* Bob and Sally Thomas - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Dee Dahlke and Duncan Johnson - Club Miata NW & Puget Sound Miata
* Walter Hapay and Laura Goebel
* Maury Fugitt and Sandy McKnight - Puget Sound, Club Miata NW, & WVMC
* Bram and Marijke Oudshoorn - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Larry and Emily Muir - Club Miata NW & Puget Sound Miata
* Stu and Moe Warlow - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Ian and Colleen Swanson - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Bill Goff and Lois Turner - Redwood Coast Miata Club
* Carol Kus and Phyliss Hayes - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Randy and Carla Steine - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Martin and Brenda Van Munster - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Chris and Rena Sandstrom - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Rolly Grimm and Sharon Andres - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Jim Connor - Club Miata NW
* Barry and Sally Finley - WVMC
* Sally Wren - Club Miata NW
* Chris and Teri Gillespie - WVMC
* Ben and Katrina Stanton - Club Miata NW
* Barry Strain - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Anders and Diane Johansen - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* David Bruce and Yvonne Michels - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Rick and Joy Hart - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Fred and Sandi Holler - Puget Sound Miata and WVMC
* Evelyn Lazare - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Ron and Barb Stoliker - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Lester and Sharon Lightstone - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Al and Bev Rich - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Fred and Suzanne Hahn - Club Miata NW
* Ann Walker - WVMC
* Connie Mott - WVMC
* Bob and Barabra Rosentreter - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Bruce Stevenson and Donna Bliss - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Gordon Sivley - Club Miata NW
* Vicki and Judy Burr-Chellin - Club Miata NW-Olympic Peninsula Chapter
* Jeff and Alisa Brummer - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Heather Denniston -Club Miata NW
* Vincent Weis and Katherine Bell - SAMOA
* George and Pam Dowler - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Michael Gillman - Club Miata NW
* Len McFarlane - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Pete and Jeanette Nunnenkamp - WVMC
* Andy and Marilyn McDonald - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Carla and Jim Boyde - Club Miata NW
* John and Paula Ebner - Club Miata NW
* Lew Potts and Nancy Chouinard - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* Dale Calderwood and Jim McGee - Sea to Sky Miata Club
* AJ and Vickie McGranaghan - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Jerry and Doreen McPeek - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Harold Hilton - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* John and Kimberly Beck - Mt Hood Miata Club
* Tim and Kathyrn Kemp - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* John Perkinson - SAMOA
* Mark Peretti and Sid Peretti - Redding Area Miatas
* Lee and Diane Galati - SAMOA
* Doug and Wendy Herbert
* Mark and Debby Hamlin - WVMC
* Tye and Kelli Fountain - WVMC
* Patrick McNulty - Puget Sound Miata Club
* Gary and Karen Roy - Les Bois Miata Club
* Dennis Sifford
* Maurice and Erin Tiano - WVMC
* Vern and Carol Johnson - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Bob and Val Terry - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Karen Burkhart - Club Miata NW
* Gary and Carol Holm - WVMC
* Lynn McKenna and Linda Beatty - Redwood Coast Miata Club
* Steve and Val Boycott - Club Miata Vancouver Island
* Sheila Angell and Mary Silvesri - Club Miata NW
* Bill and Trish Conlon - WVMC
* Michele Autore - Club Miata NW
* Ron Rothenberg - Okanagan Valley Miata Club
* Richard Stowell and Terry Meek - WVMC and Club Miata NW

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